Texas hooked by crook


Should Oklahoma Or Texas Be No. 2 In The Bcs Standings?

December 02, 2008|By CHILDS WALKER

I harbor no great love for either Texas or Oklahoma. That said, I couldn't help but feel bad for the Longhorns on Sunday as they watched a team they had beaten pass them in the Bowl Championship Series standings.

I understand the reasons the Sooners surged to No. 2. Their 65-21 demolition of Texas Tech, the only team to beat Texas, was no doubt impressive. Despite playing five ranked teams and the Big East champion, they failed to reach 45 points only twice in 12 games.

But the argument against the Sooners is incredibly simple and elegant in its evocation of the basic reason we play games.

Oklahoma and Texas have the same record. Seven weeks ago, they played on a neutral field. Texas won.

That's it. Knowing that we have two teams of roughly equal quality, how can anyone argue that the winner of a game between them should be ranked beneath the loser?

Well, the human mind is weak and easily led, that's how. Seven weeks is forever in college football. Oklahoma just hung 65 points on the No. 2 team in the Associated Press poll and 61 on the road against the No. 11 team. Texas' schedule, by contrast, was front-loaded. The Longhorns had no opportunity to blast a highly ranked team after they lost to Texas Tech. Of course, the real villain is the inane BCS system, which forces coaches to worry more aboutwooing poll voters than about beating the best teams.

Maybe Oklahoma really is better than Texas at this point. But the greedy fools in charge of college football won't let us find out with a playoff. So we're left to rationalize how the 11-1 loser of a head-to-head game is better than the 11-1 winner.

I can't do it. It just doesn't feel very sporting.

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