'Cooking' with Mom


December 01, 2008|By DAVID ZURAWIK

Food might be the last thing you want to see on your TV screen after Thanksgiving. But Lifetime debuts a new daily TV series, Mom's Cooking, that is a lot of fun.

The reality TV show follows one young woman each day as she shows up on her mom's doorstep to learn how to cook a favorite dish from her childhood. Ultimately, the series is about a lot more than food. It's about generations, memories and relationships.

Today's premiere episode follows Lauren Kinslow, a graduate student in education, who arrives unannounced with show host Joe Corsano, asking her mom to teach her to cook manicotti and gravy, a dish always served at Christmas for several generations of their family.

Once Lorraine Kinslow gets over the shock of a camera crew on her porch, she's off and running with Lauren and Corsano.

Lauren's not exactly a whiz in the kitchen. Mom starts with the tiramisu dessert, and asks Lauren to start by opening the vanilla bottle. "What's vanilla for?" the graduate student asks. When Mom hands her a mixer, the daughter asks, "How do you turn this thing on?"

But she learns, they bond and then they eat a feast. (11 a.m., Lifetime) ***

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