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Senior scores impressive achievements

Q&a Caroline Jacobs, Broadneck Volleyball

November 30, 2008|By Rich Scherr | Rich Scherr,Special to The Baltimore Sun

Caroline Jacobs is no stranger to success. Recently, the Broadneck senior rang up 12 kills, four aces and three blocks against Thomas Johnson, helping lead her team to its second straight Class 4A state volleyball title.

But her triumphs off the court are perhaps even more impressive. She holds a 3.92 grade point average, volunteers at a center that helps cancer patients and learned last week that she has been accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy.

I know your family has been hosting midshipmen for quite a few years. Have you always wanted to attend the Naval Academy yourself?

We've been hosting midshipmen for 18 years. My oldest brother wanted to go to the Naval Academy, but he had to go to NAPS [the Naval Academy Prep School] first. When he first said he wanted to go to NAPS and he was excited about it, I didn't understand why. But I got a recruiting letter from Coach [Mike] Schwob. I asked my mom if I could throw the letter away, and she said, "No, let's just look into it." Then I just found out what the Navy is all about, and I really liked the morals and just everything about it.

You originally had focused your efforts on lacrosse. What made you switch to volleyball?

Lacrosse was my main sport coming into freshman year, and I wanted to find a fall sport to play. I was originally going to do track, but one of my coaches knew [former Broadneck coach] Romonzo [Beans]. The lacrosse camp was going on exactly the same time as the volleyball camp. So after lacrosse was done for the day, I went in to see the volleyball coach in my bare feet, and he told me to hit a ball. It just started from there.

At what point did you decide that volleyball was going to be your main sport?

After my freshman season, there was club volleyball, and I had never known about that. So I started club. ... Then, after my junior season, I had to make a decision, because it wasn't fair to my teammates on either team. I decided to go with volleyball because I enjoyed it more than lacrosse. I figured I'd want to play that in college.

Broadneck just won its second straight Class 4A state volleyball title. Do you think being part of such a successful team has helped you to grow individually?

I do. The volleyball program at Broadneck is really strong. Being around the other really good players - I remember coming in my freshman year and just seeing how good everyone else was - definitely puts pressure on you to grow as an individual and become better.

I understand your mom, Jennie, writes little notes that she puts in your lunch each day. Can you tell me about those?

She sends a note with me in my lunch every day, and that's what I look forward to. Just little encouraging things. I take the note out of my lunch every day. I have a lot of them in my backpack right now accumulating. I save them all. She told me she read a story once of someone that saved all of their lunch notes and made a book of them and gave it to their mom. I'm not sure if I'll do that.

Your mom is the director of patient care at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Annapolis. Do you think you'd eventually like to follow in her footsteps?

Having my mom be in the medical field ... I definitely feel the influence of that. You're always going to need nurses and medical people in the world, because people are always going to be sick. I've thought about it, but I don't know if I want to continue in health. If I decide not to go to NAPS or Navy, then I think that's something I'd like to pursue.

You volunteer at a facility for cancer patients in Annapolis called the Wellness House. Can you tell me a little about what you do there?

I put together binders for the patients about how to cope with cancer, how to talk to people or how to deal with your family. Both of my mom's parents smoked, and when you lose someone like that it affects you. I would like to help people get better.

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