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What Should You Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?

November 28, 2008|By MR. FLIP

Sure, you could hoard your Thanksgiving leftovers and just eat them yourself over the next couple of weeks. But is that really in the spirit of the season? Mr. Flip says you need to share them.

Here's his idea: Take those leftovers, put them in paper bags - Mr. Flip has plenty you could use - and give them to some people who could truly benefit from turkey, stuffing or sweet potatoes. Of course, Mr. Flip has suggestions:

* Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Yes, they are lovely women, but so skinny. Mr. Flip's tastes run more toward the zaftig. Where is the next Tyra Banks? Here, girls, have a drumstick.

* Skip Bayless. Have you seen this guy on ESPN2's 1st and 10? He's always upset about something or other. Maybe a few slices of pumpkin pie would make him feel better.

* Mike Singletary. He just seems so tense since he took over the San Francisco 49ers. Mr. Flip thinks Singletary really could use comfort food. And if the coach doesn't feel like wearing his pants while he eats the green bean casserole, that's fine.

* Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett: Mr. Flip figures this is a way for Orioles fans to show these free agents just how much they want them to sign here.

* Ed Reed: When you give him the Tupperware bowl, tell him he's not allowed to lateral it to a teammate.

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