Turkey: the game bird


What Should You Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 28, 2008|By RAY FRAGER

As delicious as those leftovers are, you could enjoy them even more. Rather than just scarfing them down whenever the spirit moves you, why not try making a game of it?

In the fashion of drinking games tied to television shows, you could link your eating to your sports TV viewing. Have a slice of turkey, a forkful of mashed potatoes or a piece of pecan pie each time:

* Brent Musburger over-enthuses about the game he is calling.

* Chris Berman makes a pop-culture reference at least 30 years old.

* Jim Palmer mentions how he never gave up a grand slam.

* A frat boy in the student section holds up a sign declaring his love for Erin Andrews.

* Anita Marks refers to South Florida during a talk show.

* Dick Vitale brings up Duke when he's calling a game not involving the Blue Devils.

* Terrell Owens' name is heard on an NFL studio show.

* An Orioles fan mugs for the camera in the background while Amber Theoharis is giving her in-game report.

* Gus Johnson yells during a college basketball game.

* A shot of Spike Lee appears during New York Knicks highlights.

* A shot of Jack Nicholson appears during Los Angles Lakers highlights.

* Snippets of "Saved by Zero" or "Everyday is Like Sunday" are played during commercials.

* Hockey highlights lead SportsCenter. (I wouldn't thaw out anything waiting on this one.)

And if you really want to force yourself into a diet, don't touch any of the leftovers until the NFL Network-Comcast legal battle is resolved in a way that doesn't cost you money.

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