Rocket's glaring act burst legacy in air

faceoff: who is the biggest turkey in sports this year?

November 27, 2008|By CHILDS WALKER

It's hard to dredge up a sports figure who deserves to be stuffed and roasted more than Al Davis. But at least Davis' managerial malfunctions can't retroactively vaporize his Super Bowl trophies.

Can we say the same for Roger Clemens and his legacy?

I know Clemens hasn't been charged or convicted in connection with allegations that his trainer, Brian McNamee, injected him with steroids. He might never be. But questions about steroid use are almost beside the point given the tawdry spectacles Clemens starred in earlier this year. In his desperation to cling to his reputation, he showed he would throw anyone, including his wife and his supposed best friend, under the bus. Amazingly, he seemed too dense to grasp that, with every word, he was tarnishing the very image he hoped to protect.

Clemens essentially told Congress that his closest fitness adviser, McNamee, and his former teammate, Andy Pettitte, were liars. He could muster no rational explanation for why they would knife him in the back. But he seemed to think his star power and the ferocity of his denials would carry him through.

Umm, not so fast, Rocket.

Beyond the drug allegations, we learned that Clemens cheated on his wife with country singer Mindy McCready, who was a teenager when they met. Other reports linked him romantically to the ex-wife of golfer John Daly.

A year ago, many people thought Roger Clemens was the greatest pitcher of all time.

Now, he's a monument to selfishness, ego run amok, trashiness and plain stupidity. Yes, folks, he's this year's biggest turkey. And he's more dirt ball than Butter Ball.

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