Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Fries

November 26, 2008|By ELIZABETH LARGE

I got a lot of help from readers and friends in making up this Top 10 because I just hadn't tried enough fries at enough different places. By the way, we're saving sweet potato fries for another Top 10. The restaurants are in alphabetical order, in spite of the numbers.


Garlic-rosemary fries at the Brewer's Art in Mount Vernon.


Fries at Capital Grille downtown, tossed in parmesan, kosher salt and white truffle oil.


Corks' fries that come with a burger and should come with its fish and chips. The homemade chips at the Federal Hill restaurant are very good, but we're talking tradition here.


Five Guys because the bags of potatoes are sitting right there and they are cooked in peanut oil.


Mc Donald's fries. What can I say? Even global chains get it right sometimes.


Pommes frites at Petit Louis Bistro in Roland Park: thin and crisp, with peel along one side.


Duck fat fries with a trio of sauces at Sal t in the Butchers Hill-Patterson Park area.


Curly fries at the Swallow at the Hollow in Govans.


Boardwalk fries from Thrasher' s in Ocean City. Served with vinegar, of course.


Fries at Waterfront Hotel in Fells Point with Old Bay and a chipotle dipping sauce.

readers talk back

McDonald's???? Yeah, a genetically modified potato produced at the cost of thousands of closed family farms is just delicious.

Posted by: Mike

I'm with the pro-McD's crowd on this one. If I'm out for a nice dinner, then fancy fries or basic but "organic low sodium hold the oil" fries are great, but when I want salty "potato" goodness in a hurry I'm not going to head to a sit-down restaurant (or drive to the eastern shore.) So I'm an irresponsible consumer, and my arteries are probably caked with trans-fat. But it's totally worth it.

Posted by: TwoToedSloth

Burger Bros in Towson has good fries.

Posted by: Sarah G.

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