Eat This Instead Cream Vs. Evaporated Milk

November 24, 2008|By KATE SHATZKIN

Want to save a few calories at Thanksgiving? You can save 9 grams of fat, including 7 grams saturated fat, for every 1/4 cup of whipped cream you dole out on that pie - if you've whipped evaporated milk sweetened with powdered sugar and vanilla instead. You'll also cut 75 calories. You can find instructions on how to use evaporated milk as a whipped cream substitute, and how to make it stay "whipped" up to 30 minutes, at

Whipped heavy cream (without sugar)

Per 1/4 cup:

100 calories

0 grams protein

10 grams fat

8 grams saturated fat

0 grams carbohydrate

0 grams fiber

40 milligrams cholesterol

10 milligrams sodium

Whipped topping with evaporated milk, powdered sugar and vanilla

Per 1/4 cup:

25 calories

3 grams protein

1 gram fat

1 gram saturated fat

3 grams carbohydrate

0 grams fiber

5 milligrams cholesterol

15 milligrams sodium

Nutritional analysis for heavy cream from package, based on doubled volume when whipped, and for evaporated milk recipe from

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