'Dancing' warm-up


November 24, 2008|By DAVID ZURAWIK

It's finals week on Dancing with the Stars, and that means you get a finals pre-show as well as the show itself tonight. (8 p.m., WMAR-Channel 2)

LOOKING FOR HEROES Meanwhile on NBC, the producers take a bold step to try and save a badly failing series in Heroes. I will say no more. But it better work, or bye-bye at the end of this year to the series. (9 p.m., WBAL-Channel 11)

MY PICK PBS offers one of the year's most compelling historical documentaries in Rape of Europa, a look at the Nazis' systematic looting of European art and antiquities in the 1930s and '40s.

The power of the film is in its meticulous discussion of details, like the incredible effort made by French officials in 1939 to remove the nation's most valuable pieces from the Louvre and hide them in the countryside. The chronicle of what it took in terms of engineering and manpower to move the sculpture Winged Victory of Samothrace provides a visceral sense of the incredible cultural upheaval and darkness spread by the Nazi advance across the continent.

Profound issues of ownership and reparation are explored with sensitivity and wisdom. (9 p.m., WETA-Channel 26) ****

LATE-NIGHT GUESTS Actress Nicole Kidman visits the Late Show with David Letterman. Director Ron Howard visits The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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