William J. "Billy the Kid" Johnson

glimpsed at casino night

November 23, 2008|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to The Baltimore Sun

You could say William J. "Billy the Kid" Johnson's style is a knockout. Literally. The Baltimore native is a professional super middle-weight boxer. But that's only one of several hats he wears. Johnson manages the local offices for Velocity Express, which makes deliveries for NeighborCare pharmacies, and he owns B-Quick Bail Bonds. On top of all that, Johnson is one of the top players in the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League; he's trying for a seat at the World Series of Poker. When we caught up with him, he was practicing in the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel ballroom during the American Lung Association's Casino Night. So, how does he juggle all that and keep such fashion cool? Coordination is key, and not just in the ring.

Age:: 34

Residence:: South Baltimore

Job:: Professional boxer, owner of B-Quick Bail Bonds, manager at Velocity Express

Self-described style: : "Urban. Street."

The Look: : White cotton with gray scroll-pattern Coogi polo shirt. Dark, relaxed fit Coogi jeans with white and red seams and white embroidered scroll work on pockets. Black Coogi baseball cap with embroidery. Black Nike boots. White gold cross pattern stud earrings. Bezel set diamond and white gold necklace and cross pendant. Diamond and white gold men's bracelet. Diamond pave and white gold pinky ring. Tungsten Oniss watch.

Where it came from: : All three Coogi items came from Downtown Locker Room. The Nike boots were purchased at Foot Locker. His custom-made earrings and ring were bought at Edward Arthur. He got the necklace and bracelet at Bethesda Jewelry Outlet.

His style reflects both his present and his past: : "The labels are pricey, but the look says I know where I come from. I don't forget where I come from. I don't have to wear a suit and tie everyday to show the stature of where I am [financially]. I can do the same with the style of clothes that I wear."

Coordination is everything:: "I make sure I'm matched all the way down, color-wise. Most of the time, if I have a white shirt, I'm wearing white boxers and a white tee. If it's gray, it's a gray T-shirt, gray boxers. If it's black, it's the same thing."

His fashion knock-outs: : "My No. 1 favorite is Coogi. I like the way it looks, the quality of it. I like the colors of the Coogi designers. ... I also like Rocawear and Phat Farm."

His shopping habits: : "I always shop for outfits. They may not always come from the same place, but I'm always shopping for outfits. I don't just shop, say, for shirts. And if I find an outfit I like, I usually get it in multiple colors because I like the way it feels; I like the way it looks. ... I shop a lot; a couple times a week. My favorite spots [include] Downtown Locker Room. Arundel Mills mall has a lot of places I like to shop. And then there's Mondawmin Mall."

Different looks for different activities: : "On court days, it's suit and tie. I like Sean John, of course. I have more Ralph Lauren, and I have a couple of Issey Miyake suits. My favorite colors are black and blue; I like grays as well. If I'm just around, then it's pretty much the urban wear. Typically, that's how you'll find me most days."

For poker tournaments, he bets on comfort: : "If I make it into the World Series of Poker, I'm wearing a lot of sweats. In boxing, Jordan is one of my sponsors. So, [I'll wear] Jordan sweats, a Jordan hoodie, and probably some type of hat ... and some type of sunglasses, definitely."

He goes the distance for diamonds: : "I'm a jewelry freak. I like pieces that everybody doesn't have. Most people go for huge pieces. I don't usually go for that. Like my cross could be worn to anything. If I wanted to wear it to church on Sunday, I could wear it. And if I wanted to wear it to an event on Monday, I could. I don't go for a lot of rings, just one nice pinky ring."

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