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November 23, 2008|By dave rosenthal and nancy johnston | dave rosenthal and nancy johnston, and

Since we ran our last quiz about Baltimore's literary heritage, readers Rick Connor and Sally Lemmon suggested creating a more contemporary version. So here it is, with the caveat that some questions stray from Baltimore but stay within the state's border.

1. This author's heroine, often accompanied by a pet greyhound, is an expert at solving the city's mysteries. After naming the author, get bonus points for naming the heroine and greyhound.

2. He got his start at The Sun, became a well-known commentator for The New York Times and wrote a touching memoir about growing up here.

3. This prolific Baltimore author is a master at capturing the essence and eternal conflict of family life, through charming, quirky characters - and there's nothing accidental about her skill.

4. Born in Baltimore, he became a respected computer science professor in academia. He jumped onto best-seller lists with a final lecture that brimmed with hope even though he was battling cancer.

5. Many credit this former insurance agent with creating the techno-thriller, and his politically charged stories ably blend real-life details about weaponry with compelling fictional characters.

6. This Baltimore-born author made a name with stirring books built around fights for independence in Israel and Ireland. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie Gunfight at the OK Corral.

7. His trilogy details the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s rise to prominence, as well as the role of the civil rights movement in redefining American society. Bonus points for naming his singing group.

8. By walking along Baltimore's grittiest corners, this author has chronicled the challenges facing many city residents - in print and on television.

9. This author grew up in a Baltimore suburb, and his novels carry a surreal air, whether they involve a golem or a group of Jews exiled to Alaska.

10. He has written mainly for movies and is notorious for his early eccentric and shocking tales, even though he has won mainstream acclaim in recent years.

Know the answers? Send us an e-mail, or comment on Read Street. We'll print answers on the blog Wednesday and here next Sunday.

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