The Pick: Eagles At Ravens

November 21, 2008

Jamison Hensley

Eagles, 13-10

This is not the team to go against when you have a banged-up offensive line.

David Steele

Ravens, 17-13

It's a matter of whose offense gets stuffed most. It will be the Eagles'.

Edward Lee

Ravens, 17-13

Ray Lewis & Co. reassert their dominance to help the apprentice (John Harbaugh) upset the mentor (Andy Reid).

Peter Schmuck

Ravens, 26-23

The Ravens and their fans are hungry for some home cooking.

Ken Murray

Eagles, 28-24

The Ravens' offensive line is a mess, and the Eagles are desperate. Bad timing.

Mike Preston

Ravens, 20-14

The Eagles tied the Bengals. The Bengals?

Rick Maese

Eagles, 21-20

If Harbaugh and Reid raced in the 100-yard dash, the Ravens would stand a better chance.

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