Parts of 4 roads included in estimates board OK of Hollander 95 land deal

November 20, 2008|By Annie Linskey | Annie Linskey,

The Baltimore Board of Estimates approved a land deal yesterday for the Hollander 95 project in East Baltimore, giving developers portions of four roads for a dollar.

M.J. "Jay" Brodie, president of the Baltimore Development Corp., said the city had intended to include the roads in the 51-acre parcel sold to developers in April 2005 for $4 million. "It was our staff; it was just a mistake," Brodie said. "The person handling the project forgot to include the street beds."

The board, which is effectively controlled by Mayor Sheila Dixon, also granted developers permission to build a hotel on a portion of the land, a proposal that had concerned some nearby residents who worry that it would attract truckers and large vehicles.

When complete, the project will include warehouse, retail and office space. No public funds have been used for the Hollander project, Brodie said.

The development team includes Ronald H. Lipscomb, a man with whom Dixon had a brief personal relationship and exchanged gifts. As part of its investigation into City Hall, the state prosecutor's office in October issued subpoenas to city agencies for four projects involving Lipscomb, including the Hollander complex.

The mayor abstained on yesterday's vote.

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