Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Alternatives To Roast Turkey

November 19, 2008|By ELIZABETH LARGE

Obviously, anything could be an alternative to a traditional roast turkey for Thanksgiving. But I wanted to pick foods I know would work (because of their association with Native Americans, for instance) or that I've served or had served to me:


Wild duck with sauerkraut (particularly appropriate because Baltimoreans eat sauerkraut with Thanksgiving dinner anyway, which I've never understood)


Goose with fruit stuffing. Unfortunately the one time I cooked a wild goose, it also contained buckshot.


Native American foods like beans, squash and corn for vegetarians and vegans


Turducken (partially boned turkey stuffed with boned chicken stuffed with boned duck)


Crown roast of pork with wild rice stuffing. Pork has an autumn feeling to it (I would never serve it for Christmas dinner even though I know it can be traditional), and the fact that it's a crown roast makes it seem grand enough for an important meal.


An old college friend invited us to Thanksgiving once and served each of us a whole lobster. Lobster didn't go very well with the side dishes the rest of us had brought, but it was so wonderfully extravagant no one was complaining.


My sister-in-law, using recipes from Gourmet magazine, served curried turkey breast with cranberry chutney one Thanksgiving.


I make a very good stuffed ham (with a bread stuffing where the bone would be). I haven't tried it for Thanksgiving, but I think it would be an easy make-in-advance choice that would taste good with traditional sides.


In some places on the West Coast, Dungeness crab is a common alternative to turkey because the season starts in November.


Small roast chicken with cornbread-pecan stuffing for a couple or people eating alone

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