November 18, 2008

Volunteer is heart of youth football

I was thrilled to read the article in Sunday's Baltimore Sun about Brenda Arbogast ("Mother, fan, volunteer," Nov. 16). But trust me when I say that it didn't begin to show all that she has done for the Hereford Youth Football League over the years.

Anyone who has been involved in this program - as a football player, cheerleader or parent - knows "Miss Brenda."

My family first met her 12 years ago when my oldest son joined the program. And Ms. Arbogast was amazing - she took our son and all the new boys under her wing and made sure that they knew where they had to be, that they got equipment that fit them properly and that they had fun.

She took a personal interest in each and every child. Every child in the program knew that he could count on her for a hug and a shoulder to cry on when things didn't go well, a high-five when they did or an ice pack when he got hurt.

When my second son joined the league two years later, she was still there.

She inspired the kids (and parents) to do their best and always encouraged them. She had the respect of everyone in the program and asked for nothing in return.

She was - and is - the heart and soul of that program.

I will always be grateful to her for all she did, not only for my two boys but for the whole program, and I hope that she continues to be the positive influence she has always been.

Wendy Sevier, Parkton

The writer is a former volunteer for the Hereford Youth Football League.

Lucre, not liberalism, explains Obama ad offer

The writer of the recent letter "Sun's pro-Obama bias continues after vote" (Nov. 15) claims that he has found proof that The Baltimore Sun has as an "obvious left-wing bias."

His evidence? The paper's offer to let its readers congratulate our new left-wing president-elect with a five-line ad.

Maybe I am naive, but since the paper is selling these ads to readers at minimum cost of $17.50 per ad, I think I detect a more practical motive for the ad offer - and one that should win the approval of even conservative Republicans - that is, profit.

The election is over. Can we give the conspiracy theories a rest?

Gene Baldwin, Catonsville

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