First Dog, good to the last bite

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Maybe it's a little late now, but it sounds like the White House could use some "Beware of dog" signs.

During the Boston Celtics' recent visit to be honored by President George W. Bush for the team's NBA championship, the club's public relations director, Heather Walker, was bitten by First Dog Barney, the Bushes' Scottish terrier.

Walker tried to pet Barney and he responded by chomping on her wrist.

"It was very strange. I didn't expect him to bite me," Walker told the Associated Press. "He broke the skin. The White House staff was very nice and they asked if I needed any help, but I said 'No, I'm just fine.' "

Barney had nipped the finger of a reporter earlier in the month.

Got any Don Majkowski?

They have moved on in Packers Land. A report from Milwaukee's WTMJ radio says Brett Favre Green Bay jerseys have made it to the discount rack at Wal-Mart, selling for $5, "next to a Homer Simpson shirt."

How much for those jeans he wears in the commercial where he's playing football with the guys?

Not using their heads

Rugby players don't wear helmets. And sometimes you can tell.

The Oxford under-21 team in England decided to host a charming little affair it was calling a Jew Party. As in members of the team were supposed to dress like Orthodox Jews, carry bags of money and bring a hot Jewish woman as a date.

From Great Britain's Guardian comes this: "The captain of the under-21 team, Phil Boon, said he "didn't see what the problem was." He said Jewish girls had accepted invitations to the party. "I can understand why it might have offended some people, but it would have been an awesome social, " Boon added.

Gee, Mr. Flip is glad to hear he understands it might have offended some people.

Name game

Mr. Flip's favorite Maryland women's basketball player is sophomore forward Drey Mingo. He hopes she becomes a really big star. Why is that? He would love to see ESPN carry her highlights -- because then we might hear Trey Wingo talking about Drey Mingo.

And Mr. Flip also would like to see the Terp move on to do research about the language of Australian wild dogs - because then we might see a book on the subject: Drey Mingo's Dingo Lingo.

Compiled from news services and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who didn't even mention bingo or Ringo.

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