Harford History

November 16, 2008

On Nov. 16, 1927, Earl Hopkins was the first to drive his car over the Conowingo Dam. U.S. 1 was realigned over the 4,648-foot-long dam, and two weeks later, the old Conowingo bridge was destroyed. The first concrete was poured Aug. 2, 1926. The dam grew section by section, until the Harford and Cecil sides reached the middle. R.G. Rincliff wrote, "To permit riverbed construction work, huge cofferdams, using nearly eight million feet of timber, were built, and over 660,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured before the project was completed." The Conowingo Hydro Electric Plant began operation in the summer of 1928, with the capacity to generate 252,000 kilowatts.

Source: "A Journey Through Berkley," by Constance Beims and Christine Tolbert. 2003.

Compiled by the staff of the Harford County Public Library

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