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Places To Celebrate Your Canidates Victory

November 12, 2008|By Elizabeth Large

Last week's Top 10 Tuesday was a very topical one: Places to Celebrate Your Candidate's Victory. We've just been through this grueling election, and one of the lessons we can take from it is the list of best places to be next time you're in a position to celebrate a political victory or mourn a loss.

The list is in alphabetical order:


Chick & Ruths Delly in Annapolis. Any place where the Pledge of Allegiance has been recited every morning since 1989 seems like a good place to celebrate a political victory. Plus, the sandwiches are politically themed.


The newly renovated Corks in Federal Hill has a warm, cozy, beautiful copper-topped bar where you can celebrate your candidate's win or mourn his loss and enjoy the new cheese-centric menu.


Germano's in Little Italy had a half-price menu Election Day and the day after for anyone who voted for President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic candidates. They said they'd take your word for it because "Democrats don't lie."


Iggies in Mount Vernon has been selling "Iggies/Obama memorabilia," and they have good pizza. But you have to BYOB.


The newly reopened Metropolitan in Federal Hill offered three election night entrees for $13 each: a 14-ounce T-bone steak with mashed potatoes and green beans, seafood linguine in Cajun cream sauce, and honey-glazed chipotle chicken with wild rice and asparagus.


Morton's The Steakhouse in Baltimore and Annapolis opened their private "boardrooms" for viewing the election results. The election night prix fixe menu was $52.95 a person, and there were election cocktails: the Republicantini, the Democratini and the Undecided-tini.


Ropewalk in Federal Hill has photos of Reagan and Ollie North over the bar. Republicans are embraced there, and Democrats could go there to gloat if their candidate won.


Salt in East Baltimore didn't do anything special for the election, but the TV was on in the bar, and the food is good enough to console you if your candidate lost, or be worthy of celebrating a win.


Teavolve in Harbor East had a Watch Party with a large-screen TV. The kitchen was open until 11 p.m. The Obama Bellini and McCain Margarita were two of the drink specials.


I didn't pick the Tusk Lounge in Mount Vernon for any political affiliation, but for the beautiful space and the upscale bar food. Still, the name is certainly appropriate.

readers talk back

I stopped into Chick-fil-A at lunch and there were signs up saying that the free chicken sandwich for voting was an Internet rumor and untrue ... just thought I'd relay the info.

Posted by: CKisMom

Grrr! My precinct didn't have stickers this morning (or else they were well-hidden), and I'm feeling bereft. It's funny, how I feel like I'm not a member of a community out there of sticker wearers, even though I did vote.

At least the woman at Starbucks gave me a free cup when I crossed my heart that I had, in fact, voted first thing this morning.

Posted by: KristinB

I normally avoid the "I voted" stickers, because I think they are tacky. Today, though, the woman practically tackled me, and wouldn't let me go until I put it on. She said something about free soda, but I just wanted out. ...

Posted by: Lissa

Lissa, I was out of the polls and half way home when I realized that I never got my voting sticker! I never even saw one. I didn't need it for anything free, just thought it was weird that no one tried to tackle me with one, but they were all too busy I suppose, what with all that voting and stuff!

Ah, Aldi's! The home of cheap milk and those tasty frozen tilapia filets. We visit frequently. This week they had those tiny bay scallops that are so nice with a mild cream sauce and pasta or rice.

Posted by: Joyce W.

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