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November 09, 2008|By Jeff Seidel | Jeff Seidel,Special to the Baltimore Sun

Fallston's Kelly Mattingly loves field hockey. She also loves basketball. And that's why the sophomore will be quite busy his winter.

Mattingly is a starter on the Fallston field hockey team that was scheduled to play in the Class 3A state field hockey final against Atholton. She plays for Club H20 in the winter, an indoor field hockey team.

Mattingly, a 5-foot-3 junior, also plays guard for the school's basketball team in the winter and stays with that sport in the spring and summer with a local Amateur Athletic Union team. She played on the Fallston junior varsity last winter.

Which sport is your favorite: basketball or field hockey?

Definitely field hockey. It's a different sport, and I just think it's fun. It's a big team, a lot of girls. The team's always fun, and there's always something happening.

What's it been like your first season on the varsity field hockey team?

It's a lot more team stuff going on, especially since our season goes longer. The team dinners are really exciting; sometimes we'll go to people's houses, and sometimes we'll go out.

You're very busy with two sports. How do you find time to have a social life?

Most of the time, my best friends are on the sports teams with me. It's easy just to hang out with them at tournaments. It makes everything more fun because no matter what, if we win or lose, they're going to be fun to be with.

What's your goal for basketball this season at Fallston?

I just hope it's a good season and we do well. No matter which team I make, I just want to have fun. I'm not sure if I'm going to be on JV or varsity, but I just want to enjoy it.

What's the difference between playing basketball and field hockey?

Field hockey is more like a big team working together. Basketball is smaller, and the team concept is the same, but the plays and how you do things are different. The coordination with catching the ball in basketball is helped by what I can do with the stick and ball in field hockey.

Is it difficult for you to play two sports, often during the same season?

I think it's more fun. Sometimes it gets crazy going from a basketball practice at school to a field hockey practice or tournament. My mom helps me a lot. She knows my schedule more than I do.

How hard is it to get your schoolwork done?

I keep up with it pretty well. I get it done for the most part the night that I get it so I have time to breathe and chill.

Did you feel more pressure playing on a field hockey team that was the defending state champion and had won 10 championships?

You have to live up to being a really good team. It's fun because you get to work with girls that know how to become state champions. They know what it takes.

Were you nervous heading into the field hockey final four?

Yeah, I was kind of nervous. We've been working really hard, and it's just a lot to live up to because we won the state title last year.

Who's your favorite athlete?

I like Kristi Toliver from Maryland basketball. I think she's a really good athlete, and she's a really good leader on the floor, and she knows how to play basketball

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

It would be Will Smith. I love all of his movies and shows. I think he's really cool.

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