5 things I have to have

louise phipps senft

November 09, 2008|By Liz Atwood

Believing that good process and healthy dialogue between people in conflict is the secret to healthful living for individuals, organizations and communities, Louise Phipps Senft has taught hundreds in self-awareness techniques, mindfulness in conflict, and transformative practices from her Baltimore Mediation offices in Roland Park. Recently, she has been immersed in the controversy in Roland Park on the Keswick Multi-Care Center's plans for a continuing care retirement community there. She resides in Roland Park with her husband, Bill, and their five children, ages 6-18.


A laundress:

"I have five kids - what more can I say!"


A park in Roland Park:

"I need a public space in my neighborhood to just go and have a picnic or play ball with the kids - a community garden also would be nice."


An economic turnaround:

"It all is just a crisis in confidence - we need everyone to get back in the game and things will be fine."


A new president:

"New energy in the White House is so badly needed right now. I can't wait!"


A weekend in Cape May, N.J.:

"West Cape May actually - instant relaxation when you go over the bridge and onto the island. It helps me find joy in the people and things in my life just as they are and reminds me to be grateful."

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