It's Clint to the rescue



There's a mixed bag of movies today, with no real standouts, but a bunch of enticing contenders.

In Hang 'Em High (1 p.m., AMC), Clint Eastwood is the victim of a near-lynching who dedicates himself to bringing justice to his Old West town ... and maybe exacting a little legal revenge while he's at it. Inger Stevens, Pat Hingle, Ed Begley, Ben Johnson and Dennis Hopper also star in a film that may not be on a par with the spaghetti Westerns Eastwood made with Sergio Leone, but Ted Post's 1968 effort certainly has its moments, especially the unsuccessful lynching that gets things started.

Delmer Daves' Destination Tokyo (2 p.m., TCM) features Cary Grant as the captain of a World War II submarine assigned to gather information for the first U.S. air raid over Tokyo. The 1943 film also stars John Garfield and Alan Hale.

In 2005's Lost City (2:45 p.m., Showtime), actor Andy Garcia directs his first feature, set during the waning days of the Batista regime in his native Cuba. Garcia stars as a wealthy nightclub owner whose family is caught in the middle of the battle between Batista's government and the revolutionary forces under Fidel Castro.

From 1960, Otto Preminger's massive, lumbering Exodus (4:30 p.m., TCM) stars Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson and a cast of thousands in a 3 1/2 -hour re-creation of the founding of the state of Israel. It's a tough slog, but worth seeing once.

On the lighter side, 1987's Lethal Weapon (12:30 a.m., Bravo) stars Danny Glover and Mel Gibson as mismatched cops - Mel's noticeably crazed, while Danny's a cautious family man - who establish a great partnership in spite of themselves.

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