Another nickel, another dime



If you pay your Comcast bill via phone, you might have noticed something new this month.

Comcast has started charging a $2 "convenience fee" for those using the company's automated voice system.

When asked about the fee, Comcast spokeswoman Aimee Metrick noted that consumers still have other ways to pay their bills for little or no money. Those include online payments, automatic transfer of funds and traditional mail.

She also added that Comcast recently started offering an "ecobill," a paperless online billing program that allows customers to view and pay their bills online at no charge.

Metrick didn't say why Comcast added the $2 fee. But it got us wondering here: How many other companies are starting to add fees for previously free services during this recession?

We need your help. Have you noticed any other new fees that nickel-and-dime consumers? If so, let us know.

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