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With The Fan, Does Baltimore Have Too Many Sports Talk Radio Shows?

November 07, 2008

H ey, Mark, I don't think the Orioles should trade Brian Roberts ...

Mr. Flip enjoys radio. After all, a guy who wears a bag on his head is just made for the medium. He listens to sports talk radio. He likes it almost as much as those A to Z weekends they used to have on music stations (ABBA to ZZ Top!). However, he doubts we have enough sports in Baltimore to fill the air without a lot of the same talk hour after hour.

Bob, I'm really impressed with how Cam Cameron is bringing along Joe Flacco ...

Even before this week's move that morphed 105.7 FM into The Fan, with basically an all-sports lineup of local talk hosts, how many times did you hear somebody call in to one of the shows and start by saying, "I haven't heard anybody bring this up yet ... " followed by something that you had heard 20 times in the past two days? And now we have two stations who do local sports talk all day, plus three-hour daily local shows on two other stations. It's enough to make Mr. Flip want to switch over to Rush Limbaugh. OK, almost. That was strictly for shock value.

I've looked at the rest of the schedule, Jerry, and I really think the Ravens can make the playoffs ...

This redundancy is especially true this time of year. Everyone will jump on two or three points out of that week's Ravens game and flatten them to the ground like a quarterback under Haloti Ngata. If we had an NBA team, things would be different. Or if we had an NHL team ... no, that wouldn't matter - nobody would want to talk hockey.

Steve, I want to tell you my reasons that the O's shouldn't trade Brian Roberts ...

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