5 Things To Look For Today

November 06, 2008


Come to Papa:

You have the NFL Network (left)? Then you have a game tonight - Broncos at Browns at 8:15. And, remember, Bob Papa has replaced Bryant Gumbel on play-by-play.


Hungry team:

When the Terps play at Virginia Tech tonight (7:30, ESPN), they should know they're being scouted by the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Yum, what could be more incentive than that?


Hoop it up:

The first game of TNT's NBA doubleheader features Philadelphia at Orlando (8 p.m.). Which reminds us of that old song by Pilot - "oh, oh, oh, it's Magic!"


Hoop it up:


The second game on TNT features Portland at Houston (10:30). Which reminds us Greg Oden has so far played one more NBA game than we have.


Speaking of hoops:

Take the time today to work on your jumper. The president-elect likes to play basketball, and he could be looking for someone to fill out his games in Washington.

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