All election, all night



Election night finally arrives, and virtually all of the major networks and cable channels are blowing out all other programming to bring viewers the historic election results live.

The major networks - ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox - will all have live coverage starting at 7. ABC News has been the most watched news operation for political coverage this year, but since the national conventions, CBS News has been the most aggressive.

The 24/7 cable channels will start their election specials an hour earlier on MSNBC and CNN. If you are looking for some razzle-dazzle technology, CNN is using hologram photography to "transport" images of correspondents from remote locations. Meanwhile, John King will have a virtual Capitol to use in explaining how the vote will change Congress.

Here are a couple of my personal picks: PBS (9 p.m.) for the measured perspective of Jim Lehrer, and BBC America (6 p.m.) for Ted Koppel's analysis, the BBC worldwide team of correspondents reporting reaction from around the world and the team of analysts that includes Gore Vidal, Christopher Hitchens and comedian Ricky Gervais. Who would want to miss that trio?


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