5 Things To Look For Today

November 02, 2008


Lake effect:

When the Ravens play within the unfriendly confines, the Browns don't seem likely to be the same ones who visited Baltimore earlier this season (1 p.m., chs. 13, 9).


Men who wear:

the star:

With the Cowboys at the Giants (4 p.m., chs. 45, 5), we can reflect on how Jerry Jones actually makes it easy to root for a New York team.


It's Pat(s):

The Patriots visit the Colts (8:15 p.m., chs. 11, 4), where the stadium is named after oil, fitting for Coach Hoodie, who is a bit oily himself.


Taking stock:

The Champions Tour Charles Schwab Cup finishes (4:30 p.m., Golf Channel), with the golfers rushing to cash their checks before the market opens tomorrow.


It's a Sprint:

NASCAR's Sprint Cup has just two races after today's Dickies 500 (3:30 p.m., chs. 2, 7).

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