Watch It Today

November 02, 2008|By Ray Frager

NFL pre-game shows

Noon [various channels]

Maybe you start with ESPN at 11 a.m., but two hours seems like too much to me. My advice: Switch back and forth between CBS (chs. 13, 9) and Fox (chs. 45, 5). Make sure to catch Fox's Jay Glazer, who usually has the best scoops among the "inside" information guys. Also try to be on Fox when Frank Caliendo (right) does his impressionistic picks. Unlike his TBS show, that segment is actually funny. Try to catch the back-and-forth among the CBS analysts because you just never know what Shannon Sharpe is going to say. You can usually go grab a sandwich during those "in-depth" interviews, though. Or any time they start a discussion about the Cowboys.

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