Notable Deaths


November 01, 2008


Pulitzer Prize-winning author, activist

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and activist Studs Terkel has died at age 96.

Colleague and close friend Thom Clark said Mr. Terkel's son, Dan Terkell, confirmed his death yesterday. He died at home at 2:40 p.m., Mr. Clark said.

Mr. Terkel is best known for his street-wise portrayals of the working class. He contrasted rich and poor along the same Chicago street in the 1966 novel Division Street: America, explored the Depression in 1970's Hard Times and chronicled how people felt about their jobs in 1974's Working.

He won a Pulitzer in 1985 for his remembrances of World War II in his novel The Good War.

"My dad led a long full eventful, sometimes tempestuous, but very satisfying life," Mr. Terkell said, describing his father's death as "peaceful, no agony."

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