It's Happening

5 things to look for today

October 23, 2008


October song:

Ray-oh, Rayyyyy-oh. Game 2 come and Tampa Bay still home (8:29 p.m., chs. 45, 5).


Booting up:

Given that it's the first round of the PGA Tour event (4 p.m., Golf Channel) and what the sponsor sells, each golfer must declare, "I'm a PC" before teeing off.


Need wings:

For some of us to watch all of the soccer match between Red Bull New York and Chicago (9 p.m., ESPN2), we'd need to down a few cans of the visiting team's product.


Prepping to win:

High school field hockey teams are in action around the state in regional playoff games.


Giving them:

what fore:

The state high school golf championships wrap up today at Potomac Ridge.

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