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October 20, 2008|By RAY FRAGER

Jose Canseco: Last Shot

10 p.m. [A&E]

At one time, A&E was known as the Arts and Entertainment channel, notable for its programming a cut above normal network fare. And now the channel serves as an enabler for someone who has an apparent publicity addiction. Here's the show's description from the A&E Web site: Canseco "has used steroids himself for the past 24 years. Now, Jose wants to finally get clean, but he's terrified about what may happen when he goes through the process. There has been no medically documented case of someone quitting steroids after using them for so long, and the doctors have different opinions about what Jose will go through physically and mentally. Viewers watch Jose play guinea pig as he tries to end his long addiction." We're not sure how Canseco's recent problems at the U.S.-Mexico border fit in.

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