Cemetery's first burial on record was in 1768


October 19, 2008

The first recorded interment at the Little Falls Meeting of Friends cemetery was held on Oct. 18, 1768, when Alice Anna Webster Bond was buried. There may have been earlier burials, including that of William Wilson, a leader who died in 1753. Few early records can be found for the cemetery next to the meeting house. Because Friends considered formal monuments to be ostentatious, graves were marked with simple field stones or left unmarked. After restrictions on gravestones were lifted, some grave sites were marked with modern monuments. In 1785, the Burial Ground Committee adopted regulations stating that the cemetery would "Admit for interment only Friends, attenders, and persons of orderly conduct or old people near the end of life who personally request."

Compiled by Harford County Public Library staff.

Source: Little Falls Meeting of Friends, 1738-1988, by Hunter C. Sutherland

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