It's Happening

5 Things To Look For Today

October 07, 2008



We're talkin' 'bout practice. The pros will be puttering (and drivering) around Baltimore Country Club preparing for the Senior Players Championship.


Get on a good foot:

The No. 4 Maryland men's soccer team is coming off a 5-3 loss to Clemson - that would 35-21 in football - heading into tonight's home game (7) against No. 20 Charlotte.


Post him up:

In the presidential debate (9, various channels), one candidate has been known to hoist up a three. Not that it should affect your vote.


Weird science:

Tonight at 9 on the Sci-Fi Channel, it's ECW, a pro wrestling show. We assume that the wrestlers can shape-shift and teleport and several have three or four arms.


Bus, pool, bus, pool:

Navy's water polo team, ranked 17th, plays a real road doubleheader: 5 p.m. at Johns Hopkins, then 8 p.m. at George Washington. Bring towels for the bus seats.

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