It's Happening

5 Things To Look For Today

October 03, 2008


AL only:

Junior circuit only in tonight's baseball playoffs (all on TBS). First, it's the Pale Hose vs. Stinging Sea Creatures (6:07), then the Hub Nine vs. Seraphs (9:37).


Double shot:

ESPN Classic presents two LTs in back-to-back 60 Minutes replays (9 p.m.) - Lawrence Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson. Only one can be LT. (BLT?)


Conference call:

Loyola women's soccer opens conference play home against Iona (4:30 p.m.). Iona College? So what, I own a Buick.


Hawks on top:

Can No. 1 River Hill be derailed in football? Tonight at 7, host Long Reach will try.


BaltCo powers:

In Class 3A North field hockey, it often comes down to No. 9 Towson and No. 12 Hereford. So consider this a foreshadowing.

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