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August 27, 2008|By Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller, 55, and her husband, Michael, coordinate the Volunteers for Obama office in Anne Arundel County. She is an Annapolis resident and mother of two who runs a home-based event planning business.

Despite studying political science at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, Miller was not particularly involved in politics until this year. She was invited to a fundraiser last fall and soon found herself immersed in the Obama campaign, working phone banks and traveling to Ohio and Pennsylvania to knock on doors.

This is her first convention, and she agreed to blog this week for The Baltimore Sun about her experiences. Here's an excerpt from her online diary:

Inside the Pepsi Center for the very first time, I took my seat in the section reserved for the Maryland delegation and began to take in the scene that swirled around me.

The main stage appeared to glitter at times, and by some magic of technology every sight and sound coming from the podium seemed to burst forth larger-than-life - surrounding us like so many stars in a high-tech planetarium. The Maryland delegation was seated so high up that initially it felt as if we were little more than observers of the "real action" down on the floor where the delegation banners of such battleground states as Virginia, New Mexico and Iowa seemed to surround Obama's own Illinois delegation.

However, as the evening progressed and the parade of fantastic speakers unfolded, the hubbub of the "maddening crowd" enveloped us quickly and often.

My eyes settled on the image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the earliest speakers of the evening. As I took in her inspiring words about the historical significance of the convention, I was also struck by the elegance of her attire, a white Nehru-collared pantsuit that was just perfect for the woman and the moment. ...

Next week, a Maryland delegate to the Republican delegation will blog for The Baltimore Sun.

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