August 27, 2008

Is nudity what it takes to get a play noticed?

As a volunteer at the Fells Point Corner Theater, a performer in its "challenged ensemble" and a participant in the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, it saddened me when The Baltimore Sun stopped reviewing community productions.

What does it take to get noticed now - to stage a play with 10 (grab your stopwatches, folks) minutes of male nudity ("A diamond in the buff," Aug. 24)?

Not only did the paper give Take Me Out a top-of-the-fold Sunday article with a picture, but it also included ticket details and student discount information.

But unfortunately, all the rest of Baltimore's remarkable community theater efforts will continue to be ignored.

If this is what it takes for local plays to be noticed, it's a sad commentary on the art. And by the way, the CenterStage production of Shakespeare's Othello had full nudity.

Roz Heid, Baltimore

Redesign betrays paper's fine heritage

What the owner and editors of The Baltimore Sun have done to the newspaper can only be described as an act of vandalism.

It seems that fluff and air and a jumble of pretty colors are now to replace real content, and articles about mailboxes and pictures of local commentators are to fill the front page, replacing stories of real local, national and international import, which will be found buried elsewhere, if at all.

It is my misfortune to be old enough to remember when The Baltimore Sun truly was a serious daily newspaper of substance, style and national importance.

I think it is my children's misfortune that they will never know such a time.

Lawrence F. Haislip, Monkton

New design delights morning readers

We love the new name and look of the redesigned Baltimore Sun. It's more visually appealing.

But we had a hard time finding the New York Times crossword puzzle, which is how we usually start our morning.

Gila Heller and Elliot Heller, Baltimore

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