Watch 'Root of All Evil'


August 27, 2008|By

You didn't think Lewis Black was going to let convention week go by without stirring the political pot on his weekly The Root of All Evil show on Comedy Central. This week's topic: Red States vs. Blue States. The question: Which is the greater threat?

Black's "history" of conservative and liberal geography is worth a tune-in by itself: "The Civil War ended in 1865, unless you live in the South."

Unfortunately, I can't find another line to quote that wouldn't offend someone. But one of the jobs of a comedian, especially a political comedian, is to push the boundaries and make us uncomfortable enough to rethink our beliefs and prejudices - and cable TV is the place to do that. Whatever else you want to say about this modern-day Lenny Bruce, he pushes boundaries. (10:30 p.m., Comedy Central) ** 1/2

Reality Smart With Heart Architecture School isn't exactly Project Runway when it comes to sizzle, but you have to admire the Sundance Channel for this six-part series about a competition at Tulane University's School of Architecture to build an affordable home in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. (9 p.m. Sundance) ** 1/2

More From Denver The unpredictable former President Bill Clinton takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention - who would want to see this one? If you have cable, try C-SPAN tonight. No commentary. Coverage begins at 5 p.m.

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