to our readers

August 26, 2008

Beginning today, The Baltimore Sun's stock market and mutual fund information can be found online at instead of in our print edition. We have redesigned our daily print business report to offer brief stock information that focuses on Baltimore area-based companies and major employers, along with the performance of major stock indexes. We also will offer an expanded list of local stock and mutual funds in Sunday's Money & Life section.

We are making these changes as part of the reinvention of The Baltimore Sun and to use our news pages to continue our mission to report and explain local business news. Other newspapers have reduced or eliminated market listings in their print editions during recent years, recognizing that most readers use the Web to research stock and mutual fund data. Subscribers who do not have access to the Internet can receive stock quotes for free through TellMe at 1-800-555-TELL.

If you have comments or questions about these changes, please send an e-mail to or log on to If you don't have access to e-mail or the Internet, you may call 1-888-539-1280.

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