We're excited and anxious about going to Denver

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August 25, 2008

Cheryl Miller, 55, and her husband, Michael, coordinate the Volunteers for Obama office in Anne Arundel County. She is an Annapolis resident and mother of two who runs a home-based event planning business.

Despite studying political science at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, Miller was not particularly involved in politics until this year. She was invited to a fundraiser last fall, and soon found herself immersed in the Obama campaign, working phone banks and traveling to Ohio and Pennsylvania to knock on doors.

This will be her first convention, and she agreed to blog this week for The Baltimore Sun about her experiences. Here's an excerpt from her first posting this weekend:

We are flying into Denver on Sunday [yesterday], and we have been somewhat fatigued. Not only have we been packing to send our youngest daughter off to college, we're also recovering from a great event for Barack Obama at our home on Saturday, Aug. 9.

My husband and I, along with the entire Anne Arundel County for Obama volunteer group, sponsored a fundraiser to Elect Obama in our home. We had approximately 350 people in attendance that day in a three-part open house beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m.

There were great feelings of euphoria and exuberance as we greeted people that just eight short months ago were strangers - some of whom we now call our friends ...

For all of my excitement about this social extravaganza, there are feelings of anxiety and discomfort that I just can't seem to shake about the Clinton roll call. What does it mean to have a roll call at a national convention? How will this affect the party? Will it weaken the presumptive nominee and his chances for securing the presidency?

Next week, a Maryland delegate to the Republican delegation will blog for The Baltimore Sun.

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