5 things I have to have

art donovan

August 24, 2008|By Liz Atwood

At age 84, Baltimore Colts' Hall of Fame defensive tackle Art Donovan says he doesn't need a lot. Since retiring from football in 1962, he has been an author, country club owner, speaker and TV commentator. Today he lives with his wife, Dorothy, at the Valley Country Club in Towson, which they own. "It's right up against [Interstate] 695. ... The traffic sounds like music. ... It takes me back to New York," says Donovan, who grew up in the Bronx.


To be able to walk again on my own:

"I had an accident on a cruise ship almost a year ago, and I have to use a walker to get around."


A truckload :

of Schlitz:

"I'd like to have a truckload of Schlitz to go with me when I get to heaven."


A great cheeseburger:

"They've got one at Padonia Station named after me. It's 24 ounces. If you can eat one, you get the second one free."


An end to wars :

in Iraq and Afghanistan:

"I wish all the brave men fighting for our country ... could come home safe and sound."


A cure for anyone who has cancer:

"My mother died of cancer, and my

father had it."

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