Shirt required (for some)

Mr. Flip's Rant

August 18, 2008

The question has been put to Mr. Flip: In the Olympics, why do the female beach volleyball players wear little bikinis while the men wear sleeveless tops and long shorts?

Mr. Flip hadn't really thought about this much while enjoying the athleticism of Misty May-Treanor as the sweat drips down her tanned, toned body and she lightly brushes off the sand that has covered one of her upper thighs. ... One moment, please, while Mr. Flip composes himself.

Yes, Mr. Flip supposes some viewers might enjoy seeing the male competitors play shirtless. So maybe the Olympic powers-that-be should mandate such a thing.

But he would hope that doesn't offend those such as Mr. Flip, who watch beach volleyball purely for the skill and tenacity of the athletes.

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