Plump up, pucker up with saline implant

FulFil Lip approved for testing by FDA

August 17, 2008|By Monica Corcoran | Monica Corcoran,Los Angeles Times.

Hey, breast augmentation. Meet the lip implant. A new procedure called FulFil Lip from California-based Evera Medical, has just been approved for testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Much like a breast implant, the FulFil Lip is a balloon that can be filled with saline and then inserted into the lip. A micro-valve prevents any fluid from leaking. Now that could be embarrassing during a first kiss.

Outside the U.S., the company already markets VeraFil, a saline implant that plumps skin around the eye.

Right now, there are myriad ways to inflate your pucker - from injecting collagen from a dead person to grafting fat from your caboose. And Surgisis, an implant derived from the intestines of pigs, is on the horizon, too. Oh, how to choose? Not to mention, can we conscript those scientists fiddling with pig guts to take a stab at a cure for the common cold?

As for the new lip implant, you get to pick your size, though the company has not yet released a size chart. Are double D lips next? No doubt, super pouts are here to stay. Since 2000, there has been a 27 percent increase in lip augmentation, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Oh, and it is no surprise that a study by the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery revealed that Angelina Jolie's lips top the most-requested list among patients.

Monica Corcoran writes for the Los Angeles Times.

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