Second anniversary


Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park and Museum

August 17, 2008|By SLOANE BROWN

A sellout crowd filled the Founders Room of the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park and Museum to celebrate a second birthday. But the center of attention wasn't a toddler, but the museum itself, which marked its second anniversary. That didn't stop museum advisory board president Dr. Patricia Schmoke from admitting she felt a bit like a proud mom.

"We've been talking about this for a long time," she said. "To see it go from something on paper to models to actually seeing a real structure that is functioning and growing, it's just so exciting."

Schmoke shared her "proud parent" status with a few others, such as museum director Dianne Swann-Wright; James Piper Bond and Parker Rockefeller, president/CEO and senior vice president of Living Classrooms Foundation, of which the museum is an affiliate; and several honorees, including longtime supporters Dr. Sheldon Bearman and his wife, Arlene.

This is "a great example of what can be done with good effort and good sincerity," said Sheldon Bearman.

Former Baltimore Colt Lenny Moore was more than happy to tell fellow guests that he was there for honoree Charles L. Blockson, a boyhood friend. Blockson, known for his extensive collection of African-American-focused books and historical documents, had donated several items to Douglass-Myers.

I feel "at home, because this is a spiritual place. You can feel the spirit of Frederick Douglass, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper - all those people who came along the Eastern Shore on the Underground Railroad," he said.


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A Drink With

Dolores Deluxe

Champagne cocktail at the Prime Rib

Want to know what makes Baltimore Baltimore? Look no further than Dolores Deluxe. This ageless beauty has been a fashion designer, a film art director on some of John Waters' earlier movies, a vintage-clothing store owner and floral designer. She now describes herself as "Vince Peranio's lifestyle coordinator and clutter-buster." The Upper Fells Point home she shares with husband and film production designer Peranio, several cats and their beloved pooch, Bellissima, has been the subject of several interior-design articles.

Would you say you are cool?

"Cool" was never my thing. I've always been too dysfunctional, engaged and passionate to be cool. I admire "cool." I think those people are fabulous.

What would you say is your greatest shortcoming?

No patience. No patience. No patience. And a big mouth.

What are your favorite things in life?

Vincy Peranio. Bellissima, the Pomeranian. Every stray cat I've ever adopted. And lots of anthropomorphized collectibles.

What kinds of collections do you have?

French furniture, lady statuettes, plaster fruit, ceramic hands, Bakelite jewelry, textiles ... books; every kind of book on every artist, every interior, every style, every embellishment. Oh, my God, my house is just full of vaguely collected collections.


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