August 14, 2008

Cornerback Frank Walker might have overtaken linebacker Ray Lewis and cornerback Corey Ivy as the chattiest player on the field. Talking an opponent to distraction takes a special talent, but Walker would love to have a different kind of power.

Q: If you could have one super power, what would it be?

A: You ever see Jumper? I want to be able to jump, baby. It's just so convenient. But I want to be a jumper without the dude trying to kill me. I could do without that part.

Q: What is your favorite food and what is your least favorite?

A: My favorite food would have to be pizza. I'll take a meat lover's with no sausage from just about anywhere. I can't touch any shellfish. They make me vomit. All of them. Shrimp, lobster, crab. Even if I smell them for too long now, I throw up.

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