Schedule rains on parade

Mr. Flip's Rant

August 11, 2008

Mr. Flip generally is a cynical type, but he loves the Olympics. In fact, he even loves the parade of nations into the stadium during the opening ceremony.

Of course, Mr. Flip loves it without having to actually sit through the entire length of it or stand around in some of those hot outfits as the athletes do, but that doesn't diminish his viewing pleasure. And, after all, it's all about Mr. Flip.

So Mr. Flip wishes all of the stars of the Olympics could march in the opening ceremony. Michael Phelps and other swimmers had to sit it out because they would tire themselves out with their events starting the next morning.

Maybe someone can figure out a way to schedule things so that athletes don't miss the experience and fans don't miss the experience of seeing them.

Plus, wouldn't Phelps have looked natty in one of those white caps?

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