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Carmelo, Phelps hang out in Beijing

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August 11, 2008

Cue the Jaws music.

That's apparently what Carmelo Anthony would suggest for his homeboy Michael Phelps. Writing an Olympic diary for The New York Times, the former Towson Catholic star talked about hanging with swimming's golden boy.

"I'm amazed at what he can do in that water. He's like a shark. I've never seen anyone swim like that before. Swimming never caught my eyes before I saw him."

Writing in Thursday's editions of the Times, Anthony also said: "I got a chance to talk with him last night at the Olympic Village. I met him before just growing up, but I hadn't met him since he won those six gold medals in 2004. So his whole life has changed. He's not from the same neighborhood as me, but we'll claim him.

"This is my first time to really get a chance to mingle and interact with him. We talked about spots back home, but we were talking about getting out to each other's events. He's going to bring some golds back to Baltimore and I'm going to bring a gold back. They can have our parade together in Baltimore."

Mr. Flip offers to drive their car in the parade. He's thinking there might be a nice-sized tip for him.

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Movie gold

At, they have set up a page where you can click on symbols from various Olympic sports and then find Entertainment Weekly's picks for the three medalist movies in each.

* Under fencing, EW picks one of Mr. Flip's all-time favorites for a silver, awarding the medal to The Princess Bride. Just picture Mandy Patinkin on the stand, saying over and over again: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." And the Montoya-Westley sword fight was an all-time great.

* More kudos to EW for recalling the swimming sequence on caddies' pool day from Caddyshack under synchronized swimming.

* For wrestling, EW goes old school. With Old School - for the scene in which poor, ol' Blue collapses before he can grapple with two topless women in a KY Jelly-filled kiddie pool.

* You could probably figure that Breaking Away would make the cycling medal stand, but how about E.T.? Yes, it gets the gold for Elliott's airborn biking. That would probably draw him a few extra drug tests during the Games.

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who wonders whether Elliott and E.T. would have been in trouble for testing positive for Reese's Pieces.

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