Dr. Cristina Sadowsky

Glimpsed at Kali's Court

August 10, 2008|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to The Sun

Dr. Cristina Sadowsky thought she had already received birthday presents - a gorgeous dress and shoes - from her fiance, Kennedy Krieger Institute's Dr. John McDonald. She wore them during her birthday dinner at Kali's Court. While the 44-year-old rehab physician is the first to admit she loves fashion, the Canton resident says she's not great when it comes to accessorizing. How fortunate that McDonald surprised her at the end of dinner with some adornment she adores: a 4-month-old pug.

Age: 44

Residence: Canton

Job: Director of the Restoration Paralysis Clinic at the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Self-described style : "Eclectic, feminine"

The look: Chartreuse, brown, tan and cream geometric-print silk dress by Michael Kors. Multistrap nude patent Jimmy Choo high-heel sandals. Gold and semi-precious gem bracelet. Diamond stud earrings and diamond engagement ring. And, the best accessory of all: a 4-month-old black pug.

Where it came from: The dress and shoes came from Neiman Marcus. She has owned the bracelet for a long time. Her jewelry and puppy came from her fiance.

All girl with a touch of something different: "You wouldn't see me in a suit that's masculine. Everything you see me in, it has to have a slow curve, or unusual cut at the bottom, or unusual cut at the neck. Not just a simple style. There has to be something a little different. ... I like BCBG Max Azria."

You can't take the hometown out of the girl: "I left Romania 18 years ago. I was having everything handmade then, now I still have it. But now it's the daughter, not the original seamstress. She doesn't even know me. She knows my measurements. ... Usually once a year I get a shipment of 10 to 15 outfits. In fact, I just came back from Romania with them. Probably 70 percent were dresses and 30 percent separates. I usually go more for skirts than pants."

A white coat and what she wears with it: "People at work know me for my 4-inch heels. If I'm in flats, they ask me what's wrong. I always make a statement. Because of the white coat, it does make the shoes more important. The white coat makes everyone look the same, so you have to make a statement."

Her rhapsody on shoes: "I never shop for shoes because I need them. I'll go into a shoe store and if I see something I like, I buy it. Even if I don't have an outfit they go with. I'll go find one. ... I pick whatever is different. If it's boring, it's not my shoe. If it's crystal or a gold heel, it's mine. If it has a different texture, like fur, it's mine. They're all sleek, pointed toe, all different colors. I have just one pair of platforms."

A statement without accessorizing: "If the shoes are a statement, then the dress is just one color and a very simple line. The accent is only on one item; either the dress or the shoes. I don't really accessorize. I'm not good at it, so I decided to stay away from accessories."

Unless it's a warm puppy: "I've named the puppy Four because I just turned 44, and he was born in [the fourth month of] April."


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