5 Thing I Have To Have Now


Sally Thorner

WJZ-TV anchor

After being diagnosed with noninvasive melanoma about six years ago, Sally Thorner eagerly spreads the word about protecting skin from the sun. That's why when her dermatologist, Dr. Mona Mofid at Johns Hopkins, asked her to co-author a children's book about the dangers of sun exposure, she put on her thinking cap. "Having no experience in this field, I enlisted my incredibly creative friend Barbara Dale. Together, we came up with Franny and Freddy Get Fried," says Thorner, who is married and has a son. The book is due out this summer.



"Any kind, any time. I'm partial to peanut M&M's and Berger Cookies. But I've recently gone over to the dark side. I can now defend my addiction by citing the health benefits!"



"My cell's such an antique; it still sits in a cradle in my car. And the reception is pathetic. The all-in-one concept is attractive, but I worry about developing another addiction!"


A female corgi

"I'm totally surrounded by boys: my husband, son and two male corgis. Jackson and William have finally calmed down, so it's time to introduce a little more chaos into our lives."


More bike lanes

"Baltimore really needs to promote this mode of transportation and recreation. I'd especially enjoy one from my house to WJZ. (I'd love to commute that way, but I feel like the roads are too dangerous.)"


A day with no bad news

"So we can celebrate all of the good things happening in Maryland!"

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