Shooting yields 15-year term


August 08, 2008

A 21-year-old Baltimore man was sentenced yesterday to 15 years in prison for shooting another man in a dispute over a missing cell phone, the Baltimore state's attorney's office reported.

Raymond Saunders of the 2200 block of Sydney Ave. pleaded guilty to attempted murder and to use of a handgun in a violent crime. Circuit Judge Robert Kershaw sentenced him to life in prison, with all but 15 years suspended, plus three years to be served concurrently for the handgun offense.

Prosecutors say Saunders shot Michael Storm in the 2400 block of Wilgrey Court on April 11, 2007, after holding him captive for 11 hours in the belief that Storm had stolen his cell phone.

Storm, an unlicensed "hack" taxi driver, told authorities he had driven Saunders to that block. A short while afterward, Saunders approached Storm as he waited in his vehicle for another patron, and said he believed he'd left his cell phone in Storm's vehicle.

When it did not turn up there, Storm said, he went with Saunders into a dwelling to help him find the missing phone. Saunders became irate and pulled a gun, Storm told authorities, accusing him of stealing the phone and demanding its return. Saunders then forced Storm to drive him around at gunpoint, continuing to threaten Storm until shooting him in the chest and left arm. After the shooting, Saunders fled to New York, where he was arrested.

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