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Virgin Vest

August 07, 2008

This year, The Sun will ramp up its live blogging from the Virgin Mobile Festival with six writers on the scene for the music, the masses and, maybe, some mayhem. Look for dispatches from Pimlico Race Course starting Saturday afternoon at

Rashod Ollison

The Sun's pop music critic for the past five years, Rashod has covered the Virgin Fest since its start in 2006. This year, Rashod will be back in the hot and dusty Pimlico infield reviewing headliners like Kanye West and Foo Fighters.

Sam Sessa

The Sun's nightlife and local entertainment reporter, Sam stays up-to-date on the city's after-hours scene. This weekend, he'll join the revelers, covering the action at the city's biggest music festival. No word on whether he'll crowd surf.

Mary Hartney

Mary is a multimedia editor at The Sun and works behind the scenes on the paper's blogs, online news coverage and social media. She's a die-hard Wilco fan who's looking forward to getting out from behind a desk and into the crowd.

Julie Scharper

A reporter on The Sun's metro news staff, Julie gravitates toward the city's funky and offbeat tales. She's written about everything from a blind bowling league to a greasy-spoon psychic. For her, covering this weekend's wild and weird festival should be second nature.

Justin Fenton

Justin has been covering politics and crime at The Sun for three years. As such, he has promised to keep an eye out for state legislators shouting "Freebird!" and will keep a running tally of how many times he hears, "But officer, that's not mine."

Courtney Pomeroy

A student at the University of Maryland, College Park, Courtney is spending the summer as an intern on The Sun's arts and entertainment desk. This weekend, Courtney will be on the lookout for the fest's best and worst dressed.

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