August 05, 2008

The Ravens are the third NFL team Arundel alumnus Darnerien McCants has played for. An artist, singer and entrepreneur, McCants will always have a soft spot for his alma mater, Delaware State.

Q: Why did you start a $10,000 scholarship fund last month for students wishing to attend Delaware State?

A: "Right now, the young men are losing. ... You've got more young men ending up in jail and on the streets. My deal is to at least try to give them an opportunity, to let them know that there is money out there. Some of them just don't have the funding. Some of them have the ability, the will and the want-to to do it, but they just don't have the funding. That's why it was my goal to at least start something and encourage everybody else who has the ability to start something at their schools."

Q: How did it feel to be named a "Hottie" in Dr. Hottie magazine, Mr. November in Jet magazine's 2006 calendar and one of Ebony magazine's 2006 bachelors?

A: "That's over now. I got engaged. So ladies, they can just look. They can't have it anymore. ... [But] it was cool. I loved it. You meet a lot of interesting people. I was getting a lot of pictures and e-mails. It was definitely different."

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